HEY!!! New TP info ... SPOILERS


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Oct 7, 2006
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OF course there is a HIGH LEVEL of spoilers following.. read at your own risk... NOT EVERYTHING REVEALED so u can read without "ruin" the beggining completely IT MAY ALSO ELEVATE YOUR HYPE!

FROM EDGE MAGAZINE WHO SPENT 6 HOURS WITH THE FINAL VERSION (I don't know how, when or if the version was at some Ninty place)
Before the first dungeon, you will have: learned combat and horse riding, aquired a fishing rod and caught fish, got a slingshot, a lantern, and a "horseshoe-shaped reed" that calls Epona, and "bird shapped reeds" that call hawks to your arm, that you can throw at bees' nests or monkeys.

You rescue a couple of children and a monkey from moblins in the woods. Link's on his way to Hyrule to deliver a sword and shield. But ****, Moblins on boars attack, abducting "Colin" and Ilia, and Link gets dragged in to the Twilight, at which point he transforms in to a wolf. He wakes up chained in the ruins of Hyrule Castle, and Midna helps him escape.

With Midna on Wolf Link, you can attack multiple enemies at once with a circular energy around Link, kinda like the spin attack, which you have to do cos the enemies in the Twilight Realm often revive their dead buddies. Wolf Link then goes to meet Zelda, who can tell from the blue eyes that he's actually Hyrule's Savior! He then goes to the non-Twilight village, still as a wolf. People are scared of Wolf Link, but he can talk to animals. He then saves the nearly-Twilight Faron Woods by hunting down shadow insects and collecting the tears of light they've consumed, restoring Light Spirits, AKA Great Fairies. The Light Spirit then makes Link human again. You're then on your way to the first dungeon.

Oh, and apparently the soundtrack sounds as good as anything in Zelda before now, with the Twilight Realm music being "synthy".


SOURCE: The Hylia


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Sep 18, 2006
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Thanks for the warning, and the font color change, I'll skip reading this to avoid spoilers.

Thanks again for the heads up, it sucks when people don't give a warning to spoilers. XD


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Sep 13, 2006
Very interesting. Good find. But doesn't that mean that if you do the forest dungeon straight after you leave Tauru village you'll still be in your wierd rural outfit?


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Oct 8, 2006
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haha, thats awesome...I appretiate your concern for those who want their storyline a secret........................
I'm not one of those people, so I read it...muahahahahahahahaha:D Nice find!

Waaaaait a minute...are you sure? Thats not the beginning I heard...I guess Nintendo never told us the 'monkey business' in the beginning (corny drumroll for corny joke)...okay, that was bad...haha