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Lord Haku

I have returned
Jul 3, 2006
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It seems that this is the right forum, sweet.Well anyway I am a wii fan, and i cannot wait until November for the wii!!!!!!!!! But the longer the wait the more details emerege about the wii. I must say i miss the revoultion but I dont really mind wii, as long as the system itself doesn't change I am fine.

I am a big fan of Super Smash Brothers so expect to find my post in that forum as well. Oh I am also a fan of Naruto and if any of you naruto fans want to talk lets do it! I love the wii and :mad: the X box do not be blinded by the shining light of Halo for it will deciece you all!

Well so long guys Lord Haku out
Welcome mate and don't worry cause if u think a lot the Wii game is better that revolution... when I first knew that I was really happy cause I didn't like revolution's name
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