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Lord Haku

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Jul 3, 2006
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Hello, my name is Lord Haku and I am honored to be joined with you nintendo fans today. Now I will get down to buisness. The Wii has is holding strong in the market why? Becuase of it's low cost and with some of the great thrid party developers the Wii is learnging from the mistakes of the gamecube.

The Gamecube Failed I beleive becuase nintendo was to argroant to let other thrid party's in, this led to Gamcube really fanning in the 2000 consle war, and putting ps2 and the evil :mad: Xbox in the lead. Of course there are some very good things about the cube including SMSBM which is still constired in my mind the best Gamecube game to date, not incluing the new Twilingt princess.

While that is all I had for you today. I hope some of you guys are Naruto Enthusiants, bye

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Unfortunately, it's true that Nintendo have been somewhat lacking in third-party support since the SNES days. Nintendo have a history of trying too much to control what games (and what content of those games) get released on their consoles, which has scared a few developers off in the past. If they can be more open this time, we might see some fantastic third-party games.
Yeah I think the GC has all those mistakes but it was nice to have it...

Welcome to the forums
NARUTO ENTHUSIAST RIGHT HERE!!!welcome to the forums, and have fun posting.
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