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Sep 19, 2006
Hello everyone,

I am concerned as to why anyone would like to purchase this Wii console. I used to love Nintendo, but they have dissapointed bad. Fan boys aside, how can you trust them. I have had every Nintendo console made. I used to love my NES, SNES, and the N64 was okay. Gameboy advance wasn't bad either. But I went and got a Gamecube. I had a couple games and bought a couple more. I have also owned a Xbox and PS2. Now here is what I am getting at... I take my sorry tired self up to the store and I go look for games or a liesurely walk through Wal-mart or something. I am disgusted to find a couple multi console games that I would never play and the 4 games I already own.

Nintendo makes horrid low content games, when they make games.

My issue is they don't make any games. I think I could go to programming school and make a game in the time these guys descide they want to make a confined Mario game that doesn't look much better then the 64 version, or take 3 years to make a shallow Mario Kart game with a mirrored mode. How many non-multi console games did you actually enjoy and buy when you had your Game Cube? What all of 5 of them.

I expect that Nintendo will depend more on their old games, and whether or not they expect you to pay for their old content and if you have to pay for the service to connect to that old content, I don't know. But I want original titles and I do like 3 of Game Cubes games, but that doesn't warrent me buying their system. Wait Capcom is smart and descided it would make different versions of Resident Evil to help Nintendo out. Bleh.

What I did with my PS2 was give it to someone who could use it. They enjoy it today!
What I did with my XBox was give it to someone who could use it. They enjoy it today!

You know what I did with my Gamecube? I hid it behind the TV and it is collecting dust because noone wanted it.

I buy consoles to play video games, not to look at the console and look at my worthless trade-in games because they been valued for three years because Nintendo sold 2 million copies of it, because it was the only game to come out that everyone bought that year.

Any way, all I am asking is that you think about the quality and amount of games that have came out for recent Nintendo systems and the third party support. Waiting every 5 years to play a Zelda game isn't worth it. Watch they will make one and start making the next, and it won't be out until the next Nintendo console.
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first of all, before u go on, know that hte Nintendo Wii is going up not one, but 2 lvls from the gamecube...the graphics and gameplay r gonna b awesome and RPG games as well as higher-rated games...online play will b enabled ad the Wii will actually b in great competition with the X-box and PS2 this time...read the 101 FAQ questions on this site to find out more and y its gonna b so aweome...i only got interested in it after reading the FAQ on this site, and now i wanna buy it :D
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I see that the processing power is greater and the different uses of the wack controller, but I dont see and improvement in the environments of the games, they look about the same as 64 games. The graphics seem about the same as the gamecube, granted I seen the littles stars light float around Mario, but I think they could do a lot more. I will head to the 101 page. I am just so worried about them making more then 10 tops good games. Dance Dance Mario, Mario Golf 8, Mario Bash, terrible course Mario Kart, and Drum Guitar Video Star don't cut it. They need to make me some original games like they used to and not be scared to bring out content that may or may not live up to whatever "standard" they feel they are keeping up with. I want more then to play through ten level to be able to give my character a different hat. You know meat and taters. At the least my comments here could totally be smashed and then we would have and awesome system. Would't that be cool.
If you are gonna Go on about Gamecube I suggest you PLAY MORE GAMES.

And Wii is really the only thing that is going the Next step. Ps3? your still sitting in the Same old Couch the same old way and just sit there on your Lazy ass and play. with the Wii you can be more Interactive with the game pretend you are in the game. Really Feel the Fire. So dont you come to this forum and Complain.
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I complained because of my recent experiance with Nintendo. The GameCube sucked and anyone I know agrees. I can name at least 100 people right now who would agree. I was very dissapointed that I wasted the money on it. I would play and beat all the worth while games and unlock all the content, I bet in two months at the latest. This will be good for kids, but I know a lot of people who were not kids played the older systems and had a blast. And I think, nay I know, I have played more games then many if not everyone reviewing these forums. I don't know what you meant by that comment anyway. I like the interaction of the controller, but how much with all that games that utilize it limit the games total content?
Personally Im getting one because its offering something totally different to whats available on the market at the moment. Whilst HD graphics and beautiful games are great seeing reflections of sunlight glint off my racing car or the red blood cells of someone I shoot in micrscopic detail are not everything I want from life.

The other thing is Nintendo seem to be trying to make games which are just plain fun as well as ones I have to be a total expert at to really enjoy. Sometimes I just want something I can have a quick blast at other times I want something like metal gear solid.

The virtual console is also a massive plus to me too. Stupid as it sounds with all these amazingly beautiful games about I cant wait to have a copy of the original Mario Kart from the Snes that wont break (which many carts have done).

Ive owned a hell of a lot of consoles over the years but the ones Ive enjoyed and played the most are the Nintendo ones I have had (closely followed by Sega). This I believe is because Nintendo are really passionate about gaming themselves rather than seeing it as an extension of business, which means they work to make a greater experience for the gamer. Which is why whenever there is a new Nintendo console I will look into getting one ahead of everything else (The wiimote will hopefully see me lose a few pounds too :D).
ps3 man. ok, i respect your opinions, and there are some things that i don't disagree with you on. but in retrospect, in what ways have nintendo disappointed? if you truly were a gameplayer, you'd understand that as far as nintendo is concerned, they've stayed true to what they do and have never once deviated from what we love about them.
you use gamecube as an example of the "disappointment" nintendo has brought to you. but why did it disappoint? because the graphics sucked? because the game content wasn't all there? because they were not making games fast enough? ok, let's look at all your reasons. granted, the graphics weren't all that great when compared to ps2 and xbox, but you're forgetting that nintendo did not need to enhance their graphics simply because their target audience didn't require it. it wasn't a must for nintendo to upgrade their graphics because it simply wasn't in demand. nintendo wasn't looking for the 20 something year old to purchase a game cube--nintendo wanted your 10 year old brother!

and the same can be said for content (which i think you have the other way around, dude). nintendo's content of games have been the best of all three companies since day 1. when you think playstation (sony), you think shooting. when you think xbox (microsoft), you think shooting. when you think nintendo, you think mario/zelda (which translates to adventure). how can you say that nintendo doesn't have any content to its games when all microsoft and sony does it makes games that you can kill each other on? IT'S ALL THE SAME CONCEPT!

and you're complaining that nintendo wasn't making games quick enough for you. but if you honestly look at the games that nintendo puts out, these games are so in-depth and detailed that it takes some serious time to put out another one. nintendo takes that time to ensure the quality of the gameplay, not just to hurry it up and release another game so that the customer could get their hands on it. i mean, would you buy a house that was finished in two weeks from the ground up? i wouldn't. neither would nintendo.

you go ahead and buy your ps3, dude. and enjoy it. but remember this: once you realize that every single one of your games involved first-person shooting and things of that nature, then maybe you've truly wiialized.
IMO the gamcube was kind of a disappointment but it did have its good games. the wii's controller is diffrent and thats why everyone is like "omg it looks like a remote. how dumb" but if you think about it, with the nunchuck, its the same as a normal controller. just the 2 sides arent physicly conected. the controller can be anything from a steering wheele to a fishing pole. nintendo already said that many game developers are excited about the remote's sensor and speaker and that they are coming up with awsome ways to utilize them. your complaining about nintendo not having good 1st part games? play station has VERY few 1st pary games (i cant think of any actualy). the PS1 and 2 were great systems. the PS3 is the same thing only this time they are too full of themselves. they are trying to get people to think that gfx are better than anything. gfx are nice but its performance. its like taking a broken car from the junk yard and making it look nice but saying "screw the engine and transmission. the looks are what counts." now would you rather have that car or a car that looks like a rust bucket but has a brand new V8 engine and transmission and drive train, ect? the wiis gfx may not be the best but the games that are scheduled to come out promise awsome gameplay
The GC had better quality graphics than the PS2, was made more efficiently as well. The result - Metroid Prime graphics completely surpass the graphics ever seen in any PS2 game - there's no jagged edges to be seen and the quality is superb. Its on par with the XBOX console.

The only thing the GC disappointed me in was the lack of many good quality third party games apart from retro studios... The controller I found was far more comfy than the PS2 and XBOX, the graphics were good quality and the console was very light compared to the other consoles. PS2 didn't have four port multiplayer because it was more focused on the lone gamer playing a FPS game or a sports game.

Speaking of FPS, I used to enjoy playing them in games like Doom, GoldenEye, Halo etc. Then I got bored... why? FPS are essentially all the same except for the storyline and the type of monsters you have to kill. And all you pretty much do is run around shooting anything that comes in the way.

On another post IMO a really good shooter would be Turok... It is a bit of a cross between FPS and adventure. That game had one of the coolest fog effects I've ever seen in a FPS game. The background music was good as well.
Some fair points and opinions you've made. Sorry to everyone else that I didn't read the persuing replies before posting this. :)

Obviously the main reason everyone wants the Wii is because of the Wii-mote and new way to play, probably already been mentioned a fair few times in this thread. I've heard the Gamecube was actually a prototype for the Wii... I'm not sure where this info came from or how true it is, but look at it this way, Shigeru Miyamoto would have evaluated to no end on how well/bad the Gamecube sold for, and would have added up all the good and bad points about it.

We're in the same boat when it comes to how bad the Gamecube was, admitedly... I loved Smash Bros. Melee and Sonic .A. 2 Battle (which derrived from Dreamcast first though) and some of Mario Sunshine, but that's it. As for the N64, loved that.

Miyamoto would have seen these things too, what was fun about the N64, and what was fun about the Gamecube, and what was bad about both, using evaluation they've probably been able to iron out most of the cons and stacked most of the pro's over time. Hence why Nintendo is still running well in business, it's the longest running video game company of all time from what I gather.

The only difference I see between the PS2 and Xbox, or the PS3 and Xbox 360, is graphical power. Graphics, smoke and mirrors are nice... but they can be the only things the game developers focus on, and can COMPLETELY take out the fun of a game. I like Dead Rising for the 360 because even though it's "another zombie game", it's still got it's own way of 'uniqueness' about it, it's the only time-based game I like, and I usually DETEST time based games and levels.

The point I'm making is that Nintendo, for this gen they're not focussing so much on graphics, but a unique way to play, which's what's so appealing. The Gamecube, lets face it, was just a more ellaborate graphics engine in comparison to the N64, and in comparison to the Xbox and PS2 graphics, it really had nothing else going for it other than how compact the console was.

I think I was going to punch in something else here, but it's slipped my mind during typing. Anyway, that's my response, you've got your own arguement, and set it out quite well, holding back the "LOL NINTENDO SUX" flaming that some people do, +10 respect for that. :)


Edit: I remember what I was going to type. Haha. The first thing that caught the attention of the gamers was the controller layout... I mean, what the hell? The "revolutions" controller looks so stupid! (That was my very first initial instinct) But, it got me interested, and like many of the people here undoubtably, I decided to look into just what the heck was going on. Once I started reading about the in-wii-mote-speaker and the motion sensors etc, I actually started to think "...Wow... that's actually pretty cool..." and from then on became more and more intrigued with the product.

Then they renamed the Revolution... Oh boy the responses they got from THAT one... "Wii? WII?!?! What the hell?!" Was the response... People read the reason behind the names and had varying responses to that, ranging from "Tell it preacher!! Viva La Wii!" to "That's the biggest pile of crud I've ever heard." But that's not the point, the point is you REMEMBER the name, and it's going to be very hard to forget, I mean c'mon, "Wii." How can you forget it?

So they had their fanbase, they had their attention, they had new ears listenning, then they go to E3 and blow the world away with the potential of the Wii. It's not just the uniqueness of the console and name, but how they went about releasing all this news about it.

Very well done.
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PS3 players shove themselves up so high on the ****ing pedestal stating "I play adult Games," when most of them aren't even old enough for the censorship label. If anyone watched diggnation at e3 it showed a group of around 100 20-30 year olds, not there for any particular reason but just to watch the show. All of them wanted a wii. Let's face it, if you want another racing game or first person shooter with just "improved graphics" then by all means spend a months wages on a ps3. But what the wii is doing is actually improving your experience. It's even improved the ps3 experience as they have stolen some of their controller physics

Who actually wants to be able to see fractions of skull on walls once you've shot someone over a genuinely fresh new experience. I'll tell you who, sexually frustrated idiots
First of all, you can't say Nintendo makes low-content games, because that is what Third-Parties do, second, they dont make marios looking all like the N64 version, maybe you should wake up and look at that. I read most of your rant, which is rare, because I ussualy read the first paragraph, but the Wii already has tons of Third-Party support, so much support Nintendo is delaying games so that it gives its Third-party support chances to sell their games. And stop comparing stuff to N64, have you seen N64 games, SORRRRRY if they looked so good, which they did at the time, but now they don't! Take a second look at a N64 game, you probably at the time got thoes graphics stuck, then havent looked at it again and still think they are what is out now. Same thing happened to me.
the Wii controller dosen't limit, becuase if people want to not use it, they can just make it use the GC as an alt.
I love debates, but not with people who are so uneducated on what their debating on.

Oh and rely on old games..? Maybe it's because their good, why change when you have good? What about Ridge Racer 7! ****IN 7!?
I hope a giant enemy crab comes and eats your PS3 when you get it. :ciappa: