Sony not learning from Sega Mistakes

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Jul 3, 2006
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I have high hopes for the Wii and I would spend 300 to buy. But what about the PS3. Sure there are some die hard loyal fans but can those diehards dish out $600 for the system? The system is even the worst part the games themselves might casue up to 100 dollars.

Now i don't see where sony is heading with this, both the Wii and the :mad: X box 360 are cheaper than it, i mean by the time it will take you to safe for this will have another consle war going on. I understand that the Blu Ray disc player is expensive but $600, I don't care how unbeilebly godlike the graphics are, I can't dish out that amount of money in a 3 months of work!

I beleive that sony should take a page from Sega and learn from thier mistakes. With the high prices 300 saturn and the 350 dreamcast Sega ulitimely failed in the console war of the 2000 and is forced to make games now for thier former enemies. It seems that sony is making thesame mistakes over again.

Don't the realize the higher price the more shorter your range of buyer becomes? With everything that is going on for the Wii and 360 Ps3 will have a tough time keeping up. I mean looking at E3 their presentaion was horrible that worst I have ever seen. Sure they had some good things here in there but overall it was crap

Though I love nitnido I also care for Sony, and I afraid that this pace continues than Sony will ultimelty be brought down into the lost console's where Sega's lives
xD!! I think u should not care for Sony, PS3 will not sell even a memory card so they are really out of the bussiness
herd that sony are gona be relesing ps3 updates every year
and that infrogames is telling them to drop the price in a few mounths
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What are you talking about lowering the price, moron don't you know anything? The premeinum package for the whole 60GB is $600 and the 20 GB is $500 those are the facts, sorry but I actually paid attention to e3. Oh and sony isn't dropping the price, they have accepeted it and they will not change it, after all dude a Blue Ray player cost 1000 dollars. Darkprinny gets your facts straight before you challenge the Lord
Hay its true they are thinking of lowering the price a few mounths ather the launch
Sony aren't really used to competition (PS1 and 2 both completely dominated their rivals), and now it's gone to their heads. The games don't look very interesting, the console looks hideous, and the price will scare off a lot of people. And they're still using the same rubbish controller with the analogue stick in the wrong place! (To be fair, it's much, much better than that crap-tacular Boomerang controller they originally planned).

I'm not getting one until they drop the price and announce some more interesting games, especially now some of the franchises are being released on the 360 as well.
It worse for aussies, a cool $1,000.
You could buy a xbox 360 and wii for that price and still have $100 or so left over. Waaaaaaaaay to expensive
Not only are BluRay drives expensive, they're also worthless. Look at the memory stick. Nobody but Sony is licensed to make hardware that uses them, therefore if you own a camera/gaming system/MP3 player that is *any* brand other than Sony, you won't be using memory sticks. The general public equivalent of BluRay is HD-DVD, which is already becoming mainstream. Any movie that isn't published by sony (as well as any DVD player that isn't made by Sony) will either be using DVD-5/9 (current, standard DVD's), or HD DVD. Nobody will want a BluRay player, because you can only get five movies that'll play on it.
True they will drop the prices after a few months-a year after the launch but yet so will the 360 and the Wii, the ps3 will sell more units when they drop the price but people that dont have the 360 and wii will still prolly choose to purchase the other over the ps3. Not only is sony shooting themselves in the foot by having the console $500 and $600 they are shooting the other foot by having the games so high as well. If the system is supposed to be truely remarkable they would be smart to lower their prices and accept less profit from each system and game sold, I think they would make far more money that way.

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