How badly do you want the Wii?

How badly do you want the Wii?

  • I'm extremely desperate for it

    Votes: 24 45.3%
  • I will get it as soon as it comes out

    Votes: 19 35.8%
  • I will get it a little later

    Votes: 10 18.9%
  • I'm not that keen on it

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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About as bad as I wanted Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker (love at first sight), DVD player, GI Joe Aircraft Carrier, My Wife, etc... When I first saw them. I am a fanboy yes, but I have always respected the other systems and what they would bring to the table each generation. With the Wii though, I am a little more jadad and older but I am still amazed at what Nintendo can bring. I'm hoping for a nice launch and great first year for Nintendo.
Corny topic, but... I have to admit, I too cannot wait for the system, and am running in circles (not literally) for it's arrival. I'm honestly stoked though... proof: i'm on here at least once a day, looking for the latest news or information if any... :lol:
Dude...theres no one MORE desperate than me...I've been looking on IGN and Gamespot for the last week and a half and i haven't stopped looking for more info...I'm going to get it at launch and plan on being the first one of the city to get it!
I'm not so excited. Many of the games don't seem like they will be that good.

The only launch title that seems even semi apealing is mario galaxy.
I want one NOW ;_;

Well, I'm not too desperate, I still need to save up some good money for it. ^_^
I think I'm willing to throw my crippled disease-ridden grandmother into a pit of raging pit-bulls with rabies for one. Is that desperate enough?