How did one stumble upon...


Dino the Dinosaur
Jul 6, 2006
A house
the wonder that is Nintendo Wii Chat?

srry for the britsh talk i just got back from the 12:01am showing of Pirates, which was unbelievable.

Begin disscussing both topics! :)
I was looking on a Wii info site and it had a list of associated sties so i clicked one of them and it just happend to be this one
by searching 'nintendo wii forum'. i was looking for someone to discuss w/since most of my gaming friends are all horny for the 360 :rolleyes:
I searched on google on a real time wii chat, I didn't find any but I found this one at the top, I putted "Wii Chat" andd this one appeared to me :)
struss789 said:
same here lol. by the way how was the movie lol

hah i saw it again today!

does that answer your question!!! :cool:

oh yeah i forgot to say that i made a new name!! hahha i was iCollins

but i saw deity_links sig and it reminded me how i loved fierce deity!! haha