How many consoles??

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May 23, 2006
England, United kingdom
Just wondering,

now many game consoles do you currently own??

now many have you owned in the past??

And what would you like your next gaming console to be??

well currently i own a xbox360 and a pc that's really it :tard:

in the past i have owned a nintendo 64 a gameboy colour a gameboy advanced and the original xbox

and in the future i'd like the own a psp (not to desperate for one) and i'm really interested in the nintendo wii of course :D
currently: gc, ps2, pc, gameboy sp, ds, psp

past: atari 2600 &7600, nes, sega genesis, snes, gameboy (the original!), game gear (why did gameboy take so long to light up?), ps1

next: wii, unless i save enough money to get the 360 and the wii, then i'd prolly go ahead and buy the 360 first
Now: (although i dont play on alot of them) GBA, playstation, ps2, nintendo 64, xbox 360
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Currently have PC, PS2, Gamecube and Xbox 360. Used to have a Mega Drive (Genesis for our members over on the other side of the pond), and a Playstation. Planning on getting a Wii.
NES(2), N64, PS1, GB, GBC, PSP, DS. Wii is perordered and I won't be bothering with a 360 or PS3. Just the thought of being able to play GC games, and download their older titles should keep me busy enough. :)

And my PC is set for gaming as well:

-1gb (2x 512) kingston hyperx
-2.53ghz p4
-ati radeon 9800 aiw 128mb
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Owned: Genesis, PS1 (not Playstation), N64, GB, GBA, GBA SP, GBC, GBP. (I love Game Boy.)

Own: GC, PC, X-Box and PS2. (Yeah, I'm spoiled.)

Hope to own: Wii, 360 and PS3. (In that order.)
Let just say i stoped counting at 20
From binatone to gc
1) I currently have 2 game consoles (N64, and PS2) and a PC that I play games on.

2) I've owned about 3 in the past. (NES, Sega Genesis, Gamecube)

3) I'm going to buy a Wii for my Next-Gen console.
stu said:
owned: omega

now own: ps2 and dreamcast :D

future: wii

No fair, I want a Dreamcast. One of the best consoles ever made. I want to pick one up at EB Games, but I'll just save up for the Wii. I found DC controllers at a pawn shop for like, two bucks American. Now THAT'S a deal.
meh i used a saturn/ps2 pad addapter saturn for fighting games
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