How much is the wii canadian..?


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I know, I know.. Nothing is confirmed.. And you thought you could come in here and flame me for something... But i was wondering.. What is the price range canadian?

I know that american its about $200-270$... Or is that canadian?
NO, google dose convert just go: $250 in CA or whatever canadian money is in then it will give you the awnser.
Yeah, 250$ American would convert to about 275$ Canadian but does that really mean that it would cost that little in Canada? And what about tax? I want answers soon because I've spent alot of time looking the Canadian Price.
With our current tax rate, it works out to about 310 CAD. I checked into it quite awhile ago! Wanted to know how much I would have to pay, so I have set aside 400 dollars so I can get Zelda too!
yo the thing i really wanna know is how many wii's r goin to canada and when the wiis will launch in canada?????