I cannot play Gamecube games on my Wii?


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Mar 27, 2009
Hi all. I am very new to the Wii. I have no problem playing Wii games. The problem I am haveing is the Wii console will not play Gamecube games. It seems like it powers down the console but there is sound but no video. Any help would be greatful. Thanks.
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1. Check to see if there is nothing interfering with your AC adapter and that the AC adapter and air vents are clean and free of dust.
2. Check to see if the game cube disk is free of dust and scratches.
3. Is there a wii speck mic. or anything that the game does not require connected to the wii? If so, try unplugging anything the gamecube game does not require.
4. You can buy a LED scanner cleaner online or at a near by gaming store which helps clean the inside of the wii to help it scan disks better.
5. contact Nintendo about the dilemma.

Hope any of this info helps
if you contact ninty, dont mention any non-nintendo modifications, actually. you should probably not mention anything like that at all. even here. ;)
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Thankd for the info guys. I will get it cleaned and see if that works.

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