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Jun 5, 2006
Hi, This site has soooooo much information that i didn't know. I only read two threads and i learned a lot!!! Kepp up the good work. I like this site. I will be posting here for a while!! I've previously been on other Wii Forum sites and Super Moderators have recommended me to be moderator or News Reporter. I think it would be fun. See my posts, i reasearch a lot across the web. Can the Owner/Administrator contact me please. I think i would so a great job!! on other forum sites ive posted a lot (700 posts) and the good thing is, i don't spam.
Please Consider Me!!
I want to buy a nintendo wii!!!

P.S. Anyone Contact me1!!!!!
Welcome. I haven't been here long myself, but I have been around forums a lot. My main hobby is home theater and I have over 18,000 posts combined across 3 or 4 forums with most (15k or so) at one forum. This site right now is pretty dang good and I hope it stays that way. One thing you learn when you hang around forums very long is that some have a good signal to noise ratio and some don't. The official nintendo forums are pretty bad. I just got flamed over there for saying the Wii will come with a sensor bar. There is someone over there that thinks it won't and wouldn't acknowledge that other people can disagree without qualifying every single remark as being their opinion. Any way, I haven't seen that kind of stuff here and that's a good sign. I'd say as the forum grows, the owner needs to make sure they have moderators who have proven they are mature and level headed and take a proactive approach. My favorite home theater forum has a very simple approach. They try not to censor anyone but, they do not allow personal attacks at all. If they see it they just delete them and contact the offending poster. No questions asked, no arguments. If you attack or flame someone, the post is gone. Of course, that forum is a much older demographic than a gaming forum. I'm 27 and I'm one of the younger members there whereas here I'm probably one of the older ones.

Any way, got long winded but yes, this forum is pretty good, especially considering some of the other nintendo forums I've seen.
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