IGN reveal some new Wii info in the latest podcast


Apr 30, 2006
Here's a quick rundown of the latest Wii info from IGN's most recent podcast:

At Leipzig we’ll see games from ‘another system’ shifting to the Wii. 6-8 THQ games are in development for the Wii (and possibly all for launch). Next week THQ is having a Wii-only Event that will show off games like Spongebob. IGN confirms that a Star Wars lightsaber game is in fact in development. Metroid Prime 3 might be delayed and may not ready for launch day (could just be for the launch window). According to IGN it looks like there will be no Dragon Quest at launch. Also IGN confirms that Excite Truck is a launch game.

You can hear the podcast for yourself here:
No metroid prime 3 huh? bummer :(
altough that star wars lightsaber game looks like fun
I'd be dissapointed if Metroid Prime 3 isn't a launch title but I'm very pleased that Excite Truck is a launch title though.
... dont beleive in IGN romours rememember the leipizt convention is only 1 week agead
It's only a chance that Metriod will be delayed, and it dosen't say theres a Star Wars lightsaber game, they just mention that it could have nice lightsabers, they know NOTHING about it besides its a Star Wars game and its in development.
Jeeze its just RUMORS that it will be delayed, but it would be smart to delay it, that Podcast mentions that with 2 AAA+ games it could overshadow third party games then Wii will loose support, then its gamecube all over again
yes this is just speculation with a hint of facts mixed in so i think we will all have to wait leipzig 8 days away i think we can wait that long
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO if Metroid Prime 3 gets delayed i will cry!!! :( im so looking foward to that game......i was obsessed with the first two and i was amazing at them both not gonna lie :) i cant wait for Corruption it has to come out at launch HAS TO!