IGN Spills The Beans On Wii Price & Date? November 2, $229?


Apr 30, 2006
IGN yesterday published an article in which they gathered up all their inducstry sources and worked out some interesting dates and prices for the Wii console.

They claim that Tuesday November 2 may be the big day, and the price tag will be a fantastic $229 USD.

A number of big-name publishers are set to release their Wii games in mid-to-late October, which suggests that a system debut could not be that far off. And several insiders have told IGN that Tuesday, November 2 could, in fact, be the big day.

Thing is, not all of our contacts are in agreement on the date. Some have suggested that November 12 could, instead, by Wii's launch date. Regardless, though, it seems that Wii fans can look forward to their console sooner rather than later.

Sources suggest that Wii will launch with a $229 price tag and will be available in both black and white.

Insiders claim to have seen final hardware. The Broadway CPU is allegedly in the 750 CL line, a continuation of the 750 GX series. IBM may be working on a revised Broadway chip with a lower clock speed for a future Nintendo handheld -- presumably one that plays GameCube discs.

Nintendo has allegedly bumped production of Wii hardware to 5.5 million units by the end of the year, a significant upgrade to previous numbers. The jump is purportedly based on the positive reaction to Wii from press and industry analysts at E3 2006.

The console is unlikely to be region-free, although the lock is unrelated to hardware; a firmware update could theoretically allow gamers to play import software.
the article was swiftly removed from the IGN website shortly after it became live - possibly adds more credibility to the report?
$229 sounds great to me! Not really diggin the whole November 2nd date though. I was hoping for mid October launch :(
$229!?!? November 2!?!? Thats gives me time to save up! Doesn't the PS3 come out around November?

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its 229 not 299 plz read a lil bit better... ah and they didnt remove it if u didnt know
MAN, so many spillages! how do we no if its true? i guess we dont, the only way to confirm this is to wait for September, yes i know it is painful. But maybe this is hinting to us, alot of the spillages we are getting now adays say that the release is in november, so im thinking it will be in november before ps3 is launched although i would love an early october launch!
ah.. yeye my mom says i can't buy the wii until after Xmas :( so but! does that meen that she's going to buy it 4 me:D well well i really wanned to be in the shops and play it anyway. :(
Lol, i know where i'm gonna spend my hours after school's out!
Onwards to the preview machines ^^
about £115 in english
plus tax and some for those gredy cunts about £140-£150
still quite cheap
think the compnys will let us preorder soon? i was going 2 camp out 2 get 1, but since all evidence points 2 a weekday release date........