November 6th Wii release date?

i'm 99% sure that the wii won't come as late as in November. there are so many saying october, november and not so many saying November... personaly i think the wii will come in october. espessially when u think of how many days microsoft jused at their 360.

short: october release day
What time is that for, in the US it counts to Nov.1 6:32 p.m....r they phsycic? DON'T THINK SO!!!!
According to the clock it's not in the US, where do u live? I'm not saying that the clock is right, I think it's mega false.
Yeah, it counts down to the second of the minute of the hour of the day it comes out. Did u make that urself timsonic?
the great thing about a mid october launch is that it would be just after most college midterms- possible even in time for fall break- great way to relax (or chillax if you like murdering the language)
stickey_label said:
Thanks for the news i0n :), hopefully the 6th of November will be the world wide launch date.
hopefully? I hope not I really want it sooner than that,iam impatient
Damn this sucks Nintendo announced that during the Nintendo Fusion they will be announcing info about the wii and sneak peaks and the fusion tour ends November 11th.....release date AFTER NOV. 11!!!!??? CLICK