Wii to launch on November 3 in UK?

Yes, the 14th of september is the date on the nintendo invitations that were handed out at LGC.
Three weeks yesterday to find out if this is true. Nice to have a UK release date. I was worried that it may slip into the "TBC/TBA" slot that so many products get pushed into, when it comes to European releases. Still, before the PS3 launch if it does, which is a great thing.

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Something else to add fuel to the fire - games/consoles are ALWAYS released on a Friday in the UK, and November 3rd is a Friday....
Does The US Get Everything Before UK?

Cause If So... I Better Get My Party Hat On!
man im tired of this, now we have to wait for that convention... in 14th september... and remember that is just in the UK, what about the rest of the world
It sux for us I guess:p:( At least i0n lives in the UK as well as many others, I feel we'll be getting TONS of info...especially from i0n:D