Ultimate Duck Hunting Coming To Wii


Apr 30, 2006
Co-founder of Detn8 Games, Jeff Hill has announced the new game publisher will be releasing Ultimate Duck Hunting as their first console release for the Wii.

According to Hill the title will be available in North America in June of this year and will make its way to Europe sometime in Q4.

Detn8 Game's "initial focus is on games for the Wii." With other titles in the pipeline planned for 2007.

Link: http://www.pro-g.co.uk/news/22-03-2007-5072.html

Now if only they'll hurry up with the E3 light-gun attachment :)
Like she said it's not the original it does look good though
Meh it will be one hat isnt fun
The proper duck hunt was fun
This looks like it will be realistic
I hope this game doesn't give fuel to the sony fanboys ... i hear enough 'Wii is just duck hunt' ... really.
chwish87 your avatar looks weird and this game looks pretty good like an advanced duck hunt we already have the Wii Play shootng galery.
Duck hunt was fun but now a serious duck hunting game :eek: ohh goody
Hope it works out will for the wii, far cry aint so good on the wii so lets hope this works out well!