Ubisoft UK confirm release date for Red Steel - more Wii release date speculation!

Nintendo probably has the developers releasing different dates for launch on purpose to further confuse those trying to "decode" the release date, until nintendo makes an official annousement Wii wont know.
i0n said:
So Red Steel developers Ubisoft have today confirmed the release date for their upcoming Wii title to be November 2006.

So by that very basis, i dont think we're going to see an October release for the Wii console itself.

Here more info:

But releasing Wii in November would be such a bad move on Nintendo's part because the PS3 will be released Nov. 17 and it would get a lot of press. I'm not saying Wii won't also get press, but it would be seriously competing with PS3 and I just don't see Nintendo wanting to do that.

An early to mid-October launch is a much better strategy.
Seriously I'm so curious to see what happens if it does release at a date very close to the PS3 or even the same day, its one of those things that will determine who will win the console wars.
Its anoying me all this stuff of wii release date... CANT WAIT UNTIL SEPTEMBER RELEASE DATE!
well i think we shouldnt think of anything except that it will be out in november 14 because it will be outbecause the ps3 is out so yeah we will just have to wait for the release of the release date