The Definite Wii Release Month!

no!!! man I was thinking for a october release date but anyway... it looks very convince... :(
lol, all these third parties accidentally keep slipping info!!!!

*edit, stupid pic wont show
it could be real or, they just might be putting nov in because nov is mid way through 4th quarter, but u nvr know, MMCD is right, we should all take print screens!
first if Nintendo is truly trying to keep the release date secret then they probably haven't told developers the release date, just a get this done by date if you want to be ready for launch, with game the production of the disc is not going to take long at all, so even if its a month before the launch when they tell developers/ public the launch date they should still have time to get the discs produced. I bet Nintendo is still contemplating the release date and that's why there hasn't been one released yet, they could release this month since they have been in final production for a while, they are probably looking at the numbers of units they have to decide release so that they will have enough units that the shortage will be minimal. after all it looks like Nintendo still cares about their consumers, so hopefully unlike other companies who say shortage is good it makes people want it more they will have enough for pre-orders to be filled at least.