in need of some serious help with cable things


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May 24, 2009
ok so my brother left for basic training and forgot to show me how to hook up the wii, he usually hooks everything up :). He is a major tech guy and has a billion wires that idk how to use cuz we have a ps3, wii, xbox 360, surround sound, big screen, and a cable box. i tried to follow other directions but my cables connected to the wii are red, blue, green, and yellow, not red, white, and yellow, so obviously i am very confused :mad2: help me please!
the red, green, and blue wires may need to go into the back of ur cable box instead of in ur tv, kinda depends on the tv and the cable box, do you hook ur ps3 and xbox 360 into the cable box, the cable box should have various idk if this is any help? lol well....good luck!
if you can provide pictures, i could walk you through it. post pictures of the TV, any cable or sattalite box, and the surround sound stuff. then i can help.(hopefully)
i have a PS3, Wii, and Cable all hooked into my plasma TV.

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