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May 30, 2006
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Sorry its UK only
But I have to say that I might be going (need to find a good hotel)

Copy paste from that rerto forum I im on
It’s with great pleasure that I can now officially announce Insert Coin 2009, a dedicated arcade gaming expo taking place over the weekend of July 18th-19th in Northampton, UK.

This is your chance to help rekindle true social gaming by meeting fellow hobbyists, butting heads in competition, and sampling hundreds of exciting titles new and old from developers such as:

Data East
SNK name but a few. And among the games featured - and free to play - will be:

Arcana Heart
Death Smiles
Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu
R-Type Leo
Street Fighter 4

...and over a hundred more!

The show will be all-access, featuring dedicated machines, classic cabs and consoles and new candy cabinets from Japan. You only pay for your ticket, and after that all games are totally free.

There are a number of competitions being held over the weekend catering to all tastes: fighting games, shoot'em-ups, racing games etc. and a raffle in which two lucky winners will be receiving either an Egret 2 arcade cabinet or a Namco Cyberlead 2.

In addition Insert Coin will feature tech talks focussed on arcade hardware, cabinets and PCB’s and a number of stands with have various gaming goodies for sale. Save your pennies, you might find a bargain!

We’re looking forward to having visitors from all over Europe, and it would be fantastic to see members of as many different forums as possible in attendance.

All you need to do to check out the full line-up of games and find out the details of exactly what’s going on, is pop over to the Insert Coin 2009 website, now open. Just click the banner below:

Help us make the first Insert Coin expo one to remember!

Thanks for your time.

Ill be like a Japanese tourist if I go

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