Insomniacs assemble!!

Im getting invited to the world of cosplay for real now.
They saw my Dan and liked it

**** its starting.


Gamecenter CX did a Iwata vs Arino (game is at about 9 minutes in)

hey did Sonic vs Mario, ON A BARCODE BATTLER!!

Hey pichu
What voodoo items have you gotten in TF2?

I ain't played on the recent patch but i'm downloading it right now, why what for?

And CK I hate halloween because it means my trash food goes missing, and the Irn Bru! Oh god don't feed the trick and treat kids my Irn Bru.
Games that install to the WiiU harddrive?

So little space.
Its like they are going out of there way to make me hate it
From what I understand ya can attach any sort'a hard drive to the Wii U. If it plugs into a PC, it plugs into the console. Anyone savvy on downloads or media 'n such should already have a large hard drive for such things anywho.
"Plugging a harddrive in to store games"
I can see that not getting exploited in the slightest
The Xbox 360 requires you to have purchased / installed the game on either the account you're on or the Xbox you're on. It wouldn't surprise me if Nintendo does the same thing.
We shall see...............

Lets face it hackers will find a way.

Im suddenly getting interested in downing things I am not allowed to talk about on here to the Wii as its becoming older tech (was already old tech when it came out).

I read that one place was selling off cable-less (or nicked) stock for £15 the other day and fully working ones for £40.

Cant wait till stores have to offload there excess Wii games are low prices
I really want the Wii U, but I can't justify buying it until after Christmas... The launch line-up just doesn't look too stellar to me. ZombieU looks great though.

I need more money. :(
There was a Pokemon event thingy at the pub today, I didn't go as I prefer the old Pokemon
^Head to head>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Online
If someones being cheap head to head you can slap them

I turned my Monkey into a Pyramidhead