Is Gamestop really a ripoff?

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I Finally found a retailer that trades for competent prices, Target! They're trade in values can actually compete with Gamestop AND they list their prices online. Target naturally has less selection in games to buy. But if you just need some Target Gift card cash, then by all means trade with them. I'm getting an easy $80 for my 5 old games,
gamestop not here in ireland they're suprizing small stores and smyths toystore far much bigger even gaming section, no competition between smyths and gamestop since smyths have stop use of their smyths card discount on games since April
yes because im irish and ive disablity know as Asperger syndrome, Hmv will reopening in september gamestop will have some competition since hmv is reopening very soon and they're right next door to each other
gamestop will get competition very soon with reopening of hmv in September on Henry street dublin Ireland because hmv only one store down from gamestop Henry street dublin Ireland, plus HMV is also coming back to Dundrum and Liffey Valley Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway Ireland