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Aug 20, 2006
Miami Beach, fl
I was browsing this website called and i told myself that nintendo always keeps there idea (old ones for this matter) and sort of take it into a higher level...


"WiiConnect24 is a feature of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for Nintendo's Wii that was announced at E³ 2006.[1] It will enable some of the system's features to work while the console is on stand-by; for example, a friend might be able to visit another player's town and leave that player messages in Animal Crossing without him or her being present."

-Similar Too-

Satellaview (BS-X):

"The Satellaview is a modem add-on for the SNES, released 1995, in Japan only. The Satellaview uses a japanese satellite system called "St GIGA" to get it´s information. With the Satellaview you can download updates of new games and get hot news, cheats, tips, demos, info about new Nintendo games, events or interviews, charts and rumours. A problem with the system was that you could only download a certain game, for example the new "Chrono Trigger demo" when it was being "broadcasted" at a certain time. You had to wait until a certain time or day to be able to download it (just like recording a TV-show from the TV). The things you downloaded could then be saved in a thing that you plugged into the cartridge slot that could hold 1 Megabit of data. This little thingies was called BS-X Special Broadcast Cassettes and looked like the Super Game Boy. It was only from 4 pm to 7 pm you actually could download stuff with the BS-X because at the other time of the day the satellite channel that the Satellaview System used broadcasted normal TV-shows! On the other hand everything you downloaded was for free. Nintendo managed to blend in some advertising to make it profitable. When it was released in 1995 both Konami, Square, Taito and Data East was planning to use the Satellaview for their advertising but the only two companies that actually supplied software for the St GIGA channel was Nintendo and Square!"

The Wiimote:

"The Wiimote has motion sensors inside it, meaning that simply waving the controller in the air is a means of input in itself. The Wiimote also features force feedback, meaning events in the game can cause it to rumble for a more immersive feeling. It also has its own speaker, allowing for a depth of sound never before heard on any console.

When needed the Wiimote can be coupled with a second device to hold in your other hand. This second device features an analog stick and its own motion sensors that are independent from the main Wiimote. This is effect gives the user '2 hands' in the game, allowing for great ways of interaction.

This is the Wiimote connected to the analog stick 'nunchuck'. They're wireless other than the cable that connects them together. It is not yet known how they will be recharged or how long they can be used for."

-Similar Too-

The Zapper:

"A red gun (originally in a white and grey design) that was sold with the game Duckhunt. You point the gun at the TV screen and shoot. The game then feels if you hit or miss! Have you ever wondered how it really works? Well fear not, because I have the answer....

Every time you pull the trigger on the Zapper, the NES redraws the screen a little bit different. The "shootable" things on the screen are drawn in white and everything else is in black. The zapper has a little sensor that can tell light from dark and if the sensor "sees" a white spot on the screen, it is a hit. Otherwise, it's a miss.

Available games for the NES Zapper (that I know of!): Duckhunt, Gumshoe, Hogan´s Alley, To the Earth, Wild Gun Man, Track 'n' Field 2, Trickshooting, Bayou Billy, Freedom Force, Gotcha! and Shooting Range."

The Double Play System:

"Acclaim released this rare set of wireless NES controllers called The Double Play wireless head-to-head system."

The SuperScope:

"This is Nintendo´s own zapper gun (rather zapper bazooka!) for the SNES. It´s 2 1/2 feet long and shaped just like a bazooka (duh!). As you can see on the picture it´s got a little plastic thing that acts like a support for your shoulder. The Super Scope also got two buttons, the fire button and a pause button. Unfortunately the gun sucks batteries like there was no tomorrow! It uses the whole load (6 AA batteries) in about 4 hours! The Super Scope comes bundled with a 6-games-in-one cart called Super NES Super Scope 6 Game Pak, but when you get tired of these there aren´t so much other to do because according to my sources there are only about 7 Super Scope compatible game out there! Here are the list of them all: Lamborghini American Challenge (How can you steer a car when holding this bazooka?!?), Battle Clash, Bazooka Blitzkrieg, Yoshi's Safari, Terminator 2: The Arcade Game, Tinstar and X-Zone. Personally it think that the NES zapper is 10 times better than this sad accessorie!"
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this does not stop me from getting a wii, nothing will :)

anyway, good finds. what were the sources?
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its not suppoed to stop you, but encourage u to get it :)...i'm not bashing on the wii,...i love the wii...that just shows that nintendo RECYCLES their ideas instead of crumpling them and throwing it to the garbage bin. as for the source, i mention it, in the
I head about the Satellaview a few years back (and a similar thing for the Mega Drive). It was a nice idea, but just way too ahead of its time. Now that internet connections are much more common, why ignore such a good idea? Heck, the fact that a few features of the Wii are recycled from some obscure SNES peripherals isn't going to put me off it.
hmm your right, but can you get all taht stuff at the same time in 1 package? with tons of other stuff like motion sensetivity by like shaking the remote, intense great games, and a sleek style of the whole thing?
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man they should of kept the name "revolution" it makes WAAYY MUCH more sense, but oh well, i'm begging to like wii, its kinda cute,...well aybe thats just me cuz i'ma girl, all my guy freinds thought it was gay, but w/e, even if it was named "the nintendo homo-erectus", we gotta remeber,...its still nintendo the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be -bret "the hitman" fart