Is threre any chance...


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Mar 12, 2009
Is there any chance Sega Dreamcast games will become available on the Virtual Console? I never owned a dreamcast so I never knew what the capibilities and limitations of the Dreamcast are compared to the Wii, but I would kill to play Sonic Adventure and Mortal Kombat GOLD.
I dont see why not, since sonics been modified to play on almost anything. The dreamcast wasnt very successful though... It only had a few games, and wasnt all that popular. So dont get your hopes up on dreamcast=virtual console...
I doubt Dreamcast games will ever make it to the virtual console. Think of it this way, the Dreamcast was like Sega's version of the PS2. The games would be too big to even get on a wii in the first place. I personally own a dreamcast, and think it's awesome. In fact the best game will be re-released on XBLA, and that is Marvel Vs Capcom 2.

So to sum this all up: No, Dreamcast will probably never make it's way to virtual console
Dreamcast had few noteworthy games. but one of the worlds best fighting games started there.

Soul Calibur which wss actually a sequel, if you can believe that.

Soul Edge then Soul Calibur then SC2, 3 and now 4. its come a long way from a bad graphic Mortal Kombat with swords to the epicness we now know and love

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