Is WiiChat.... dying?

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May 7, 2007
Since the big WiiChat hard drive crash, I can honestly say I have been on a lot less. I see it has been affecting the whole site as well. Do you think we have to kick it up a notch to get this place back on the right track?

For me, I haven't been coming as often simply because I found less and less reason to post about my Wii or games for it. Simply because I never use my Wii anymore. The Off Topic part of these boards are probably the only thing that keeps me coming back. I do think there has been a lack of, eh, intelligent threads here though. Right before the hard drive crash as I recall there were several debate/discussion threads, and other threads seemed livelier.

So yesh, we must all move towards PROGRESS comrades to restore our once glorious home!
Let's kick it up a notch! BAM!

... ... ... That was god awful.

I'm not sure if Wiichat'l ever recover from the Apocolypse. We'll always be getting new, dedicated members, but I believe it's too late to get Wiichat back on track. [/pessimist]
I wouldn't say it's dead. The day I don't see a reason to post on the boards anymore is a day I'll consider it dead.
[DS]Leader;1039396 said:
blame it on CK!

I can't help it, I have to scare off the retarded n00bs!

I wouldn't say it's dead. The day I don't see a reason to post on the boards anymore is a day I'll consider it dead.

I would agree that it's not dead. Less active, but nowhere near dead. It'l be more active when summer is over, and especially when the christmas rush comes in 5 months.
blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-a-alcohol :)

nahhh well ever since the apocalypse, i did refuse to return idk why haha but i did eventually. it might have been out of boredom, but fact is things would've been back to normal by now. i guess it's time for the next-gen wiichatters. us vets. . . just have to live with it XD
These young'ins with their "Conduits". Bah. When I was a lad, allll we had was a piece of wood with a picture painted on it. We lived in a rolled up newspaper in the middle of the road. Every day we would wake up 5 hours before we went to sleep, sweep the road from day til night, and when we got home we staired at the picture for 10 minutes, then our fathers killed us and danced around in our graves.

But we were happy then. Because we were poor, we're better for it. Who thought now we would be chatting in a lounge !? Certainly not I.
It's busier now than it was a few months ago (based on number of posts), but still slower than it was pre-apocalypse.
I disappeared after the HD crash. Came back after Tiger Woods 10 came out and am honestly somewhat disappointed with what is left. Old faces are nice to see but I agree with [DS]Leader that it seems like most of the people left outside of the lounge are children.
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