Latest Nintendo rumours


Apr 30, 2006
The latest issue of 'Electronic Gaming Monthly' is now in the shops and here is some information published in their Nintendo rumour column.

* A “Massively Multiplayer” Burnout is currently being planned by EA

* Third Party companies are shifting many of their projects from the PlayStation 3 to the Wii

* Harmonix is working on a new music game

* LucasArts is developing a Star Wars game for Nintendo's Wii, in which there are fights with a light sabre

*Star Wars Battlefront is being worked on for Next Generation consoles, yet Pandemic is not involved this time.

Prior to E3 and after there was a lot of talk regarding some possible star wars-light sablre-wiimote action, surely there's no smoke without fire :)

Its also very encouraging that some 3rd party developers are leaning more in Nintendo's direction too..
GTA on wii NO its not as good as people say