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Feb 25, 2008
Hi, I'm new here (hello!) and would appreciate some help on Lego Star Wars the complete saga.

Chapter 2, Episode 6, The Great Pit of Carpoon.

I can't get a person with a gun over to the other side of the platform to pull the lever to open the platform. I can get Luke Skywalker over but he's the only one I can manage. I need to get Hans Solo over.

Any ideas please anyone?



Feb 24, 2008
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Hey, welcome to the community, read through this extract of information and see if it helps:
Area 1: After that impressive tumbling act, take out the guards here, then
assemble the levers. You can also break the nearby containers and turn
them into guns if you wish to fend off the enemies on the barge. Pull the
two levers, which will extend a bridge to another skiff. On the second
skiff, you'll get the use of Han and Chewie. Use the Force at the right end
to create two levers, which, when pulled, will extend another bridge to the
third skiff, where Boba Fett is. Fight him the same way you fought him in
Bespin: one shot to ground him, another to damage him. Once he's Sarlacc
food, a fourth skiff will float over to you. Hop onto it and take out its
inhabitants. At the back, use the Force to make a floating raft. Jump onto
it then over to the barge, itself. Take out all the guards on this part of
the skiff. You now need to pull three levers to proceed. There are two
levers here on ground level. One is obvious, the other is behind one of the
bigger flaps, which you need to Force upwards. There's a third lever higher
up. What you need to do is use the Force on a flap near the left lever and
jump up with Luke. Push the box over the edge and assemble the resulting
grapple point. Grapple up and proceed down the little passage to the third
lever, which will extend the last of the platforms leading around the side.
At the back of the barge is the entrance. This part is tough because of
the enemies harassing you, but it can be done alone. Use the Force on both
sides of the door. The left one shows the code you need, and the right one
is where you have to match it. Use the Force on the right module to rotate
the middle light (it needs to be yellow) and use the rotator switch to rotate
the lower light (it needs to be blue). Once the code's broken, the door will
open up.



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Feb 25, 2008
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Foosoo, very helpful, thanks a lot. I've been stuck for two weeks!
Bye. Max

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