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Sep 2, 2009
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I want to get a pair of Light Sabers for the kids to use with their Star Wars Game. So far the reviews i've read state that the wii remote fits into the saber handle and it blocks the wii remote eye and as a result do not work well or at all with the game because the signal can't be picked up from the remote, and that they are very fragile and break easily. Has anyone had a good experience with light sabers that actually work and are at least reasonably durable. :confused:
Dont waste your money they can do more harm than good.

Think of the resulting damage that can be caused by those kids getting a bit to hyper while swinging them a round
I am curious as well about the technical information on these... Not super worried about kids flinging mine around the house.
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We supervise and monitor gaming use very carefully, so we are not concerned about the kids using the sabers improperly. But it would be very frustrating if the controller eye is blocked by being placed in the saber so that the saber action cannot work with the game action. That is why after reading a few product reviews we were wondering if there is a saber out there that will work as intended.
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I dont remember what brand they are, but I got a pair of light sabers from GameStop that are offset slightly so the sensor is not blocked. They work just fine.
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I chceked our 2 local Game Stops, but all they had were foam sabers that don't light up. I went online to their web site and found this, does this appear to be like the one that actually works? I have read nothing but poor reviews about the DreamGear sabers.
Publisher: BD & A
Developer: BD & A
Platform: Wii
Category: Accessories, Controllers
These Light-Up Lightsabers for Wii give you the ultimate Lightsaber experience! Authentic replicas of Anakin's blue and Yoda's green Lightsabers come complete with sculpted hilts unique to each character. The Wii Remote fits safely and easily into the Lightsaber’s handle while the On/Off LED feature produces a realistic light-up experience. Each lightsaber utilizes the exclusive POWER A "Twist and Lock" ring mechanism, allowing you to easily and securely assemble your Lightsaber for safe game play, and then disassemble for storage between games. Available in the Dueling Pack and individually. POWER A Light-Up Lightsabers are Authentic Star Wars items and are Officially Licensed by LucasFilm Ltd. Some assembly required. Wii Remote sold separately


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I say ditch the game. The sensors and compatibility with the sabers are terrible... even enough for little kids to tell. I say just get em a pair of actual sized sabers from wal mart or somethin an lettem have at it with their imagination. Plus itll give em excersize tryin to not get hit by eachother.