Link... an Empty Shell?


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Sep 18, 2006
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I'm not talking about performance-wise... Gawd no, he 'performs' so well that he doesn't even need the master sword, he could just cut his enemies up with his hardenned nipples.

But that's not the point, I'm asking about his personallity, it seems that's the only thing that they don't really work on in any of the Zelda games (with exception to maybe WW). The only thing we really know about his personality and how he'd act, is that he's courageous (sp?), but we all know why that is eh?

Anyway, do you think that I'm just ignorant, and that there actually is a lot of detail invested into Links persone? Or do you think that the bland overall nature he has allows the player to sort of dip their own personallity into Links frame?

By being given the option to name your character something other than Link in the Zelda series it gives the player a much greater feeling of involvement. Something which Nintendo are clearly very keen on. This would explain the lack of character development in terms of Link and the choices of what you can say to people at certain points. You play the Hero, you are the Hero.
i get why you are confused but link is always angery when he fights that is showed in trailers but overall he has a courageous personality because that is link thats why the triforce chose him for the triforce of courage
well, hes a stud with the ladies, but is never interested...and hes a very angry Hylian when hes around enemies. all that grunting and yelling. you could sorta tell what his expressions were in WW. those sort of helped
But they were just expressions. Reactions to situations which anybody would have. They don't help build the personality... because YOU ARE THE HERO.
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Some good answers, I lol'd at the "Well... he's a stud" part. XD

I think max pretty much hit the nail the head to be honest, but I reckon it'd still be nice if Link would talk every now and then... At least say something! xD
Well actually I think Nintendo made some good facial animations!
In some gameplay movies I could see Link was angry! And in one movie where Link almost flies off Epona his eyes widen and you could see his mouth open.
I could see that Link was scared at that point :lol:
a lot of main characters never talk because that makes you become that person. its better immersion
Yeah I always liked that and I really hope Nintendo stays away from the voice acting in Zelda!
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Joe said:
Well actually I think Nintendo made some good facial animations!
In some gameplay movies I could see Link was angry! And in one movie where Link almost flies off Epona his eyes widen and you could see his mouth open.
I could see that Link was scared at that point :lol:

That's not reaaaallly a help to his personality though. If you're going to fight, you're going to look fierce, if you're startled by falling off a horse, you're going to look startled.

Now if he just fell off the horse, sat there and laughed, then that'd show he's someone who can have a laugh at himself, if he sat there and sulked, it'd show he's a withdrawn person, if he roundhouse kicked Epona upside the head, it'd show he's a very angry individual.
hahaha...this is a good topic! I've always felt the same way, that Link was a very undeveloped character..and yes, he IS a stud...everyone wants him! Saria, Ruto, Zelda, Nabooru, Malon...holy crap! lol...I'm willing to admit for a video game character I think he's a stud...I love that about the game...the character appeals to all...he's cool, sorta female, but skip that,...theyve worked on it, he looks very manly in this one

In regards to facial expression, they said (Nintendo I mean) they wanted to keep te WW expression in TP...thats so cool

I'm inclined to think that you are the hero also, but please, me? If I were faced with something like that, Id climb up a tree and hide...hahahaha...I liked it that they keep voice acting away, and talking really is the only way they develop character...but you kind of get the whole persona rfom hints throughout all the series::::Here is my take::::
Link is a timid person, who is filled with a overwhelming feeling to always do good, and the courage to take it upon himself to help everyone, however shy he is. He is very kind, but when someone he cares for is in danger, he has a fire inside (courage, no doubt)....did I mention he's timid? lol...he is timid, I of couse, every female of all species adores him! Anybody want to add on the supposed persona?
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My view, if any... kinda contrasts with the persone you see Link to have, but that's a very good answer aye.

To me he's more like, like you say a withdrawn individual... But not timid. If someone calls him a name he'll say nothing and brush it off his shoulder for not caring, but wouldn't bite back.

When it comes to crunch he's serious, not one to crack a joke, but not one to punch someone unless they were attacking him first.

I wouldn't say he's timid though. Lol.
I think Nintendo has said as to why they never gave Link a voice. It's because they wanted the player to be more immersed in the experience of playing Zelda. And if they gave Link a voice, it would take away from that. You can give Link any voice you want, any personalitie you want.
blighted and mrjingles i agree to both of your answers of what you feel link is like, and jenova i ultra agree. Personally I have always loved that nintendo never made ultra emo cut scenes where link made some hardened or emotional decision. There are emotional cut scenes but usually it is just something where link (whether he truly wants to or not) feels he must intercede to help out all that he can. Now im not hating hating on finaly fantasy games, they are pretty cool and graphically (cut scenes at least) pretty cool, but personally i have trouble connecting with the characters, its just to etched out, i love that link is just a normal dude, just a piece of crap farm boy that has the balls to step up, its amazing, shigeru miyamoto is the best game creater that will ever be
Amen to that! Miyamoto is a genius!!! He should be worshipped...Us Zelda Fans are not worthy to breath the same air as he is (this is being a bit overdramatic, but yea, I'm seriously thinking Zelda is the best thing eva! lol...I love u Zelda series!!!!!)