Look!! Wii Sports airplane video!

I guess the game's not terrible, but I don't think it's astounding like some of the other launch games.
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Well, remember there will be a lot of wii sports games... so I will not worry if one is bad
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well maybe metroidz is ok... but it will be a game no
a ddemostration
MetroidZ said:
yeh, but its one of the first games. and it displays the capabilities of the remote.
That's exactly wut I think the basic concept of the game was, and still is. It's not 100% promotional but it's more than 50%. The point of these first wii sports games is merely to have fun w/ the wiimote, just to toy around. I'm sure though in later versions and different sports the N will make them more difficult and have more substance.
even though this is what anti-nintendo people want to hear, this game was probably made for younger kids. like as the video shows a child playing it. and also it looks like a toy airplane.