Madden Tuesday Night Tournies


WiiChat Member
Mar 13, 2010
Columbus, Ohio
Hosted by Wii Madden Cup

Wii Madden Cup is excited to announce we’ll now by holding Tuesday Night Tournies.

All sign ups for the tournaments must be made on our forum page the day of the tournament.

The tournament seeds and bracket will be done by WMC team member jjackson5150.

The tournaments will be single elimination and seedings will be determined by WMC rank.

All games for the tournaments will be played back-to-back starting at 8:00pm ET.

You should be ready to play at 8pm eastern, all first round games will begin at that time.

We cannot wait for you to be ready. If you can’t be ready to play all your game(s) in a row starting at 8ET then please don’t sign up.

There may be a round of byes depending on how many people sign up. Higher seeds will get byes.