Made in China?


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Jun 26, 2006
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I don't know if anyone else noticed it or not but i checked my older nintendo consoles (for example: the SNES and N64) and they were all made in Japan, but when I checked my GameCube and DS they both stated they made in China. I'm not suggesting inferiority here but why would nintendo shift their hardware production offshore? It just worries me because being produced in China does conjur fears of inferior hardware in my head; they might not be made as well as the older, Japanese-made consoles or with such reliable components, and seeing as we deal with Laser based media we would need all the precision we could get.
I don't think it matters aslong as the work is good and it doesn't break early
If u look close to one of the wii-mote, it says made in japan, so the Wii will have to be made in china too
pokemon was invented in japan and people in china make the stuff. so somtimes stuff dont make no scense.
China = Cheap labor
lots of manufacturing jobs in the UK now go abroad because of this (FACT it took me three years to find a job because of this)
The simple reason is that it's just cheaper to make stuff in China, because they don't have to pay the employees as much. As for the quality of manufacturing, it used to be bad, but these days it seems to be no worse than stuff made in Japan, America or Europe.
A Friend of mine (60+) lost his job because the work went abroad he had worked with the company for over 30 years
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