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Aug 6, 2006
Hey guys, this thread I hope people will like. Well here we can discuss Maple Story, please no flamers. Most people don't give it long of a chance then don't like it. YES, it is boring in the beginning but it gets fun once you get off the first training island!! So share your stuff! Concerns, discuss, brag about what you have. Please no hacking talk, and if you are a hacker, sorry but your not a true Maple Story player and prooves you have 0 skill for a 2D kiddy-looking game!

Ok so I guess I will start!
Well, recently (today) I've been having problems with Maple Story, gameguard won't load, (error 114) and I can't seem to get it to work now!

I play in Windia, ussualy in Channel 17, (trade in 1, like everyone else) and I recently started playing again (since like 1 year ago) and I have 1 character:
Name: Sovieto
Class: Thief
Type: Star (assassian once I can become one)
Level: 20

Other info: I think he's coming along pretty well, I'm using most of the best thief stuff I can get at my level.

Oh and, I got a lvl 25 bowman hat for trade. (reply commenting this for details)

DISCUSS! Please no flamers saying that they don't like it!

By the way, do download, go to: (most open in IE (internet explorer) You also have to create your NX account! This game is totaly FREE!
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Yes I got it working! Just had to turn off comp, then turn it back on (restart dosent work) anyways any Maplers???
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Eww lol, Scania? That thing is full to the max! So crowded, I like to be alone, I go to channel 1 if I need trading like I said.

By the way for everyone...never make a char in Bellocan! It's the least full, but that is becuase it was reported to have the most hack bans and hackers and its a new server even!
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just trying to bump, i really what to meet some maplers on here =[
Used to play. But then got so addicted its all i was doing so my older sibling blocked it. Ill wait till hes outta the house [ next year ] till i reDL it
IGN: CeleryCleric
Lvl: 44
Class: Cleric
Scania =]
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you people and playing in scania..SO CROWDED, and why dont you just unblock it and try to maintain your addiction
I used to play on Beta then i restarted again on Full when it just came out. then i made like 5 lvl 30s diff class each if i didn't i would be level 7X by now :D
Anyways i got hacked :
Red Calas Abv Avrge and like a hole inventory of equipment :(
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thought you people might find this interesting LINK
I havent played maple story, Mac user, but it seems like a pretty cool mmo and hoping it will be a free subscribtion mmo for the ds
Uh... I think I had like a knight or something level 16...Hehe, I didn't play all that much, and I don't want to either. o.o
All my friends play on Scania.

One is a level 85 warrior
One is a level 76 Chief bandit
One is a level 90 warrior

Anyone that plays on Scania for a little while would probably have heard of a couple of my friends.. one is infamous : )

I got them all onto it back in the first month or so of BETA but I never really played.