Mario 64


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May 27, 2006
This was one of my favorite Mario's.
Do you guys remeber it? I really loved it becasue you got to collect all of the stars and it was the first one that was 3-D which was really awsome.
I also loved how if you got all the stars you could get to see Yoshie.
I spent so many hours trying to get all the stars, even with a playguide, getting all the stars was hard, especially the 100 coin stars. It certainly was a great game.
Never beat it, ut I still liked to play it I loved how they has the whole castle set up and the way that the game was just set up.
Didnt like it
dont like platformers 3D ones mostly
i was soo close, i was on the final bowser:( but could never beat him, i got close tho
Yeah getting all the stars took so long! However Yoshi was pretty cool so see 3-D. I remember when I first played it I kept going in and out of the castle's main doors b/c I wasnt used to the camera angle change, took me a few times :p

I feel bad for kids today tho, most of them dont/didnt get to expirence such great games from the 64
I still love playing that game. The stars were so hard to get and i got them all and I still remember playing the clock stage for hours on end and the magic carpet stage i played for hours. IT WAS SO HARD.
Awesome game there are 125 stars and I could not get all I just could beat last Bowser
I only got that when the Gamecube was released
Oh Mario 64 was one of the best 64 games i ever played on the N64. I immensely enjoyed that game and played it for hours on the weekend. I managed to get all the stars without a playguide and it was very hard! I also enjoyed the worlds that game had to offer. Beating Bowser was relatively easy - it was a matter of accuracy in beating him lol.

Fave world: Wet n Dry world. Loved the music and the puzzling challenge of changing the water level depending on where you are. Once tried to get as many coins as possible with that world. Got a max record of 183 coins lol.