Super Mario 64 Beaten in 16 Minutes


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Sep 22, 2007
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It is most surly old news if you look around for cool video on Super Mario 64 but if you don't look how good this guy is at Super Mario 64 you need to give it time to pick up it gets better and better.

Hell, I don't wanna know how much time that guy spent figuring out just exactly how to do that! Was fair impressive tho.

On a side note, a game that glitchy made it into production? ;)
dont forget Super Mario 64 was the first real 3D game... most testers at the time were use to 2d glitches there isnt a butt load of glitches in the game but enough to snatch up a good 4-5 stars with little effort if you know what to do...
Im sure it took alot of motion sickness pills to even figure this all out i know i always felt queazy when i played that game took forever to get use to it...
lol love the way mario goes up the stairs backwards hheehe. This game is so advanced considering when it came out...:crazy:
U can't possible enjoy the game playing like that!!So...I don't really care about time attacks!!It's impressive though!
FRuMMaGe said:

the whole thing is probably a blur to him a drunken saturday night at the kareoke bar..*tut*