Super Mario 64 completed in 16 minutes!


"Wanna play my Wii?" :|
Jun 15, 2006
If your bothered to watch a 20 minute clip(and its worth it) then click here

Basicly some guy starts SM64 from scratch and completes the whole game in 16 minutes using a few glitches he found.
wow thats pretty cool!

Not as awesome as the guy that completes SMB3 in like 6minutes... that is really insane :cool:
haha yeah, but still, getting it down to less than an hr of play time would be awesome, perhaps place bets or have a race for money w/ friends ;)
after spending about 2 hrs o go through it and figuring out the glitches I can now do it in about 30mins, my hardest part was the princess slide jump. I found an easier way to do the bunny tricks, place the bunny where the vid shows you and run and dive into it, it will knock the bunny into the door, go through the door and get close enough to where you dont open the door and just start grabbing, you will very slowly move forward each grab until you grab him. After that it was pretty easy.