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Feb 10, 2009
Hi, im rather new to Wii and havent used the friend codes yet. I have 3 friends who are going to be getting the Wii and Mario Kart in a few weeks so I have a question about the friend codes. Will we all be able to play if we all connect to the same friend code? Say I give them all my code, can they all connect to me and play online or is it like limited to 1 at a time? It might be a dumb question but im just kind of wondering before we set this up.
they all can play against you. you must have their code, and they must have your code for it to work.

if you play against friends only in your or their room, you do not gain/lose points.
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Ok cool, thanks for the answer. One last question. I know you said we can't gain or lose points in a room either I create or they create...does that mean we can all hook up and get into the same regional game and play against each other, plus 8 other random people? I ask this cause I am from Michigan, and everytime I play in a regional game, theres always atleast like 6 people from the same exact area when it says choosing your opponents, it looks like Virginia or something. I know it isnt the same people everytime, just made me think.
Simple answer - YES!

When you exchange friend codes with another MKWii player they are added to your FC list which shows when they are online. If a friend is online the box surrounding their Mii is bright blue. When they have opened a friend room it is purple (with a purple smiley face), when they are in a worldwide / continental race / battle then it's yellow. Click on their Mii and it gives you a 'join friend' option.

If you are in races and a friend opens a room then at the end of your race it will also give you a 'join friend' option with the relevant coloured smiley face (yellow or purple) so that you can tell what they are doing.

The other thing to point out is that if friends are in a friend room and have begun racing then you cannot join until after they have finished that GP series.

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