Metroid Prime 3:Corruption.....wifi??


Jul 11, 2006
United States, New Jersey
ive never heard anyone ask or state this Metroid Prime 3 going to be wifi compatible.....i know that metroid prime 2's multiplayer wasnt a big success but i think if its wifi compatible it'll be better.

and also some say that Metroid Prime series and halo series are to much alike.....ur opinions???
Welcome to the Time-Warp thread.

I'm really anticipating the new game Star Fox 64. This is a sequal to the much-beloved Star Fox title. Utilizing the N64's powerful graphics engine, this game should set a new standard for developers. I hear the game will feature real voices, and boasts an amazing 50+ sound bytes! Never before have polygonal characters been so expressive.

The game is expected to come packageed with the Rumble Pack, a ground-breaking new device from the masterminds at Nintendo that is said to make you "Feel the Game"!!!!!!!

Shigeru Miyamoto was quoted saying "This fun game will give you the power to have fun space time! Characters really talk! Hearing is fun!"
I think it would be in everyones interest if posts over a year old were actually deleted,god knows how many times i have nearly replied to a 3 year old post,BURN EM! :)