Why is there no....??


Jul 11, 2006
United States, New Jersey
Why is there no Metroid Prime 3 Corruption in the Nintendo Wii Games section...:sick: ........well i have a ? about the game too....actually more of a whats ur opinion.....anyways.....ive read on several sites that in the game Samus and the other hunters get hit by an attack by Dark Samus....that gives them the Phazon Corruption.....theres been a couple boss's from the Metroid Prime series that were Phazon Corrupted but they really didnt seem to have any abnormal dissabilities.....so what do you guys think is going to happen to Samus after being corrupted with Phazon????:p
yea, we decided to add a few specific forums for the most discussed games. I sure as we get closer to the release dates then we can start expanding on these sections.