Metroid Prime: Hunters


May 17, 2006
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
So today I finally made the decision to pick up Metroid Prime: Hunters over the New Super Mario Bros.

A great game, where the touch screen actually makes itself very useful for once! The touch screen mimics a mouse perfectly, with sensitivity level adjustment, anyone can make the controls just perfect! So far it's a little dark to enjoy in all levels of light, but the DS Lite should improve this.

The stupid thing is, wal mart doesn't carry the rumble pack, but they have metroid pinball that comes with the pack, what a rip off. I might just order the pack online through Nintendo's online store, but we'll see. Overall, the controls are what make this game so enjoyable, with the levels getting a little 'technical' (confusing) at times, it still has hours of fun playability thanks to the awesome ds controls! And rather than using the stylus, I used the wrist strap's 'thumb' controller instead and had even great control than when using my thumb without the 'thumb controller' or the stylus that seemed difficult to hold for long sessions.

Next month i'll probaly pick up the new super mario bros, but for now i'll enjoy this title.
good to know how someone feels about this one, been debating on the purchase a while

adjustable sensitivity is a good thing, not sure the demo had that and it was set a bit too high for me
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Well wal mart has it the cheapest, as usual. Only by a couple bucks, but still. And I agree, the demo I downloaded to my ds from EB sucked... didn't help my decision at all, the movies and such on the computer helped the decision alot more.
Was this the same game which was released as the demo? If so, I thought it was amazing and I'd love to get it... I'm pretty out of date, I didn't even realize this was out yet.
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Okay... after all the excitement, i'm totally disappointed and went out to waste more money on the new super mario bros, which is what I really should have done from the get go. Now to try and sell the game. EB's trade in value, get this, is only $11 CDN! I'm going out on a long shot and am gonna try selling it myself.

The levels become confusing to the point where you don't really care anymore. And without using the touch screen, the controls aren't very fun without joysticks. Awkward to hold the system and still control the aim to fight bosses, just isn't fun when the levels have to be beaten in a certain strategic way every time, and if they're not, to their fullest, you die and start from the beginning. I'll stick with my old favourites from now on.
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I'm gonna start the offering at $40 CDN, and it'll probaly get worked around to nowhere less than $30.

*runs to ds for another round of 'new super mario bros'.