Metroid Prime

Jun 6, 2006
Aberdeen, Scotland.
I've seen demos for Metroid Prime on the DS, what interests me the most is the wi fi play. I like fps with other people, and it's better with friends, I was just wondering, does anyone have it? If so, I'll let you know when I've got it, and we can exchange friend codes.
I have it. It's probably the best game out for DS and the online play definitely makes it better (especially with friends, not just because it's a friend, but there are more gameplay options with friends and rivals)

I have it however i do not have access to wifi connections yet, my wireless router is extremely weird (infact weve never got it working for our comps..even hired ppl couldnt do it *shrug*) but im looking into it so hopefully i will be able to connect soon!
SolidSnake said:
Does anyone know how to find your friend code in the game Metroid Prime DS?
Touch Multiplayer, Nintendo WiFi, Edit Friends and Rivals, Add Friend. Your friend code is displayed on the left of the top screen and you can enter someone else's code on the keypad on the bottom screen