Micro softs new hand held things name


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May 30, 2006
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Herd it on the news (must be true)
its called "soon"
well thats how its pronounced
Soon? Looks like everyone is now trying to mimick nintendo's crazy product names. But lets get down to business, no handheld is ever going to surpass Nintendo's handhelds. I thought the PSP would win because playstation has brainwashed people into thinking that it's "cool" to play it. But the DS is beating the PSP in the USA and Japan.
ha ha!
so heres an intersting conversation.
1: whens it comming out
2: soon
1: yes soon
*awkward silence*
1: well you gonna answer the question?
2: i already did!

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no thats how they pronounced it
might be spelt diffrent
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But i pronouce it

as in
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I dont i want it to fail
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Thats the one its the way it was said
maybe the wii has started more then one revoloution, the revoloution of strange names hmmmm.....

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