Mii clothes for the Wii


Jun 15, 2011
Ohio, United States
Wii Online Code
I'm always seeing people with glasses or in costumes like dark vadar (Idk how to spell that.) or those eskimo hats. Can you really change your Mii's outfit? Or are ALL those people just hacking? Cause if that's all it is then that's pretty lame. I know creating a Mii isn't that exciting or great and people care more about better game graphics but I kinda like making my Mii and being more creative. Thanks for you help! :)
The Eskimo hat is an option for a Mii's hair. Everything else is done by cleverly moving stuff like eyebrows, glasses, eyes, etc. to make the shape of whatever the creator has in mind.
hey if u have online go to the shop channel and for free down load the channel where u download channels and theres one that shares miis that other people have created