Mortal combat for wii


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May 17, 2006
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I was thinking how cool mortal combat was then i thought what if you could strap wiimotes to your legs and arms to punch and kick, (if it did come out for wii)
Does anyone like my idea? :)
Cool idea although you'd look a bit strange and you'd need a bit of room and make sure no one walks past you incase you hit them

Otherwise good idea
No mk is a dull beat em up and has had its day

and that control method will not work
I agree with Darkprinny, MK is on it's deathbed. If they make more games, the hardcore fans will buy them, but in my opinion, they have lost that nostalgic feel in the recent games.
I think the thing is, it was a hit when it came out because it was totally different since it was so violent, but the series doesn't have that much else to offer because it's so clunky compared to other 3d fighters
I've always liked Street Fighter way more (VC here I come) and if I want a modern fighter I will pick up Soul Caliber, cool characters, cool moves...just cool.