My boys needs help with Skylanders, can't do the fire trick to get money


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Mar 12, 2012
I read that you can use a fire guy and a water guy at the camp and have the fire guy stand in the flame while the water guy uses water constantly to dowse the flames. It's supposed to spring out lots of money. Anyone tell me what we are doing wrong, why it's not working? they are not very good at gamesso I looked this up to hel them get stronger characters to be able to play the game without dying so much. My Thanks for your time.
What do you mean because you can summon only one skylander per portal in adventure

2 dude you need a second remote

[video=youtube;Z8DnjaYkY14][/video] here's a vid for you

any way to keep them to level up faster it takes time as they level the same amounts but higher levels do help build them faster but it's more risky