nabooru's promise


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Aug 7, 2006
hi, im posting this because maby u fellow gamers can help me figure out a mystery about the legend of zelda:eek:carina of time.

nabooru, the light temple sage, promised young link something special if he got her ganondorfs treasure (gauntlets). anyway, be4 he could giv her the gauntlets, she was taken away by those 2 witches. anyway, afterwards when link saves her, she says something like

if only i knew what a man u would become, maby i would have kept my promise.

it is also a fact that gerudos sometimes look for hyrulean husbands. now, it would be a bit weird if nabooru was gonna marry young link, however, this time seems 2 based a little bit off more of a rennaissance age, and things like this were pretty common.

but she might not have meant that, so in that case, what was her promise?

thank u