Nasty Wii Accident!


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Dec 17, 2006
Clearwater, Florida
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Lol, "you'll get used to it after the first couple time". Ouchies! "Oops"..
Where's that Wii Strap? I like the shattering sound. :p
Haha, I NEVER use my straps. Some people are idiots. Why use that Bat thingy anyways?
The woman with the Cam seemed so calm aswell
That chick was so calm, I would of been so pissed at that kid.Anyways I dont even swing that hard when I play Wii Sports, and if you do, put on the freakin remote strap.
LOL OMG! The mom was so calm. I would've beat the kid that broke it with the wii bat. That just sucks, but its his fault for not wearing the strap.
I seriously lol'd

Stupid people not using Wrist straps. Let this be a warning to you people who say not to use the wrist straps!
I think this was set up...

1. The mom/ whoever was filming was calm
2. They never showed the glass door
3. The 2 kids in the background jumped but they didn't do anything. They just sat there...

This could have been acted out but why go through the trouble just to show someone breaking a glass door.
1. I wouldn't yell at one of my sons friends who were over...
2. You could see the broken obect on the gorund and the glass everywhere
3. I wouldn't do anything either...I'd just be thinking oh ****