Wii Hate Punns!


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May 6, 2007
Who is sick of seeing Wii used as a punn?

it was cute at first...like the first time i read it...

but, now its just annoying.

agree? lol
Oh I quite like them. When the name was officially announced it brightened up my day laughing at the millions of puns that were put in that email.

Puns can be used as a marketing slogan, as well, so it can sometimes be beneficial. There's always new ones though, as seen by myself just browsing t-shirts on eBay.
yeah, I was planning on a wii pun t-shirt to make. While we see them all the time, especially on the various forums and gaming websites, non-wii players still find them refreshing.

You're a few months late, as a thread like this was created like...3 months ago. lol
I don't mind them that much. They get a little old, but still, it's not something to get upset over.
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Wii-Fi said:
well, i can't change my name now...
lol, too bad..

and i dont even knwo if i was on this forum 3 months ago, so sorry if im a little late here.. lol