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Aug 30, 2014
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I don't know if I can play SMG. O. M. G. I'm so sick to my stomach! I don't know I can handle all the different perspectives you get in that game. It's like motion sickness. I'm used to my world the way Newton made it - the apple falls DOWN.

And if that chubby stupid little star tells me to watch my step one more time after I fall into the black hole, I'll scream. Smarty-pants little star!

So, she'll take a motion sickness tablet and THEN play SMG. But the motion sickness tablet will put her to sleep. Then what?

It's a cute game. I've not figured out yet what all the hoopala's about, it's a little saccharine for my taste, but not too bad. Peaches sure is cute, I'll give you that. This is the first time for me to see her.

And they don't have a Luigi! They have that Barney-like creature (which I am as it's green), but no Luigi. Don't these people know yet that Luigi is getting a bigger and bigger following?

What kind'a person continues to play a game because it's Mario and a computer game even though it makes them want to up-chuck? An addict and Mario lover.


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Jun 25, 2009
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Many people had that problem starting out. And unfortunately, there is no option to change it. It's advised to relax and not rush into the changing enviroments. Drink plenty of water and blink frequently. Playing in short sessions and taking plenty of breaks until you get used to it. I know it's just general precautions, but they can make the difference.

If it truly bothers you, DO NOT play the sequel Galaxy 2. Though in my opinion, it is a better game with more content, it also introduces more physics based camera, movement, and gameplay.

Yoshi (Barney creature you're referring to) is lovable and adorable.

Luigi is in the game and you are able to play as him. (Just not right away. It'll be at the very, very, very end.)

Story is eh, but the gameplay is one of my favorites on the Wii nonetheless (along with it's successor).
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