Never-Ending Mario


Aug 6, 2006
This is not so much about the Wii, but with it's CD's storage it would work best on it. So anyone else think they should like create a Mario game that never ends? You use the Wiimote on its side like a classic NES controller. You only have the old school moves and everything. But the game includes every level from the previous marios, tons of new ones, and even some meh ones made up, as long as their good levels. There would be no cheats or level skips, but still loads of secrets. It would be like that game where in your sig it would say: Mario - World 32-11. I just always wanted one of these, imagine the impact it could make! Just have 100s of people each create their own levels, let them give a "difficulty" on it, have its theme, then have testers give a "difficulty" then that all determines where it is in the game. Anyone else??
impossible to make a never ending game, unless it just keeps looping the same thing, which is just stupid. the jumbo mario game would be cool, maybe something for virtual console (sinse i heard they will be making new VC games)
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I meant never-ending as in an extremely long game, I meant to say Like never ending. But yah komio! Yet another great idea!!
No. This wouldn't be recieved well. Game Design is a process of "Risk versus Reward". Basically, after accomplishing some sort of difficult task or challenge, the player needs to be rewarded accordingly. There is no way they would have enough rewards for a game this large. People would get very very bored after a long way through, and only the hardcore Nintendo fans would play the game all the way through.
it wouldn't be hard to create random 3d levels for an updated mario64 for wii

there would have to be some basic rules for each level:-

enemy generation
tasks (ie. how you receive stars)

but the actual level design could generated on the fly
MetroidZ said:
impossible to make a never ending game, unless it just keeps looping the same thing, which is just stupid. the jumbo mario game would be cool, maybe something for virtual console (sinse i heard they will be making new VC games)

the bomberman for snes was never ending. You could never beat the boss at the end you just have to collect the stamp things. Im sure there is a way to beat him but i could never do it and even my dad (he was a bomberman legend) couldnt beat it and told me it was there you go a never ending game. Although it kinda sux
that would be good for it to fit more they would have to bring the graphics down to may be like the new super mario bro for des.
Yeah they do, loads of people. Ever wonder what the other 50% of the MMO market are playing? :p

It is mainly because WoW has little to no challenge (ghostly corpse runs are a terrible idea, imo). I can also tell you how illegitimate that player base is.

WoW playerbase: about 6.5 million accounts.

.5 Million are chinese farmers
2 million are the gamers just looking for something to play in Japan/Korea/China (countries where they have Lineage 2 and WoW and that is just about it for MMOs)
1 million are the hardcore gaming wannabes that only play WoW because getting to hear a guy on teamspeak scream out strats make them feel special and epic, like a character in an FPS, while they just sit there and ignore real life
1 million are the WoW kiddies (who have never touched any games other than Halo on their XBoX) who f**k up the game's community
.5 million are the second (or third) account of players who like to have multiple PCs on the game at once
1 million are Warcraft fanatics that are biased against anything other than the work of their precious Blizzard, who I must admit did create some pretty awesome RTS games in the company's time
.5 million just decided to jump in randomly because they judged the quality of the game by the numbers of subscribers

The real MMOers are into games like EQ and DAOC, FFXI (which actually kind of sucked), COH/COV, and the older MMO games that have alot of meat on their bones. And, alot of the main playerbase for the genre tried WoW and was sickened by the repetitive simplicity of the game. Ultimately, WoW has 15 million accounts, while about 6.5 million are active.

Back on topic, a Mario MMO would be kind of cool. Although, a Zelda MMO could really be a winner.
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What about the people who loved Warcraft 3 and thought this would be cool?
I actually mentioned them. There are fragments of what could be a solid playerbase here and there. But the chinese farmers and wow kiddies are the menace behind wow's simplicity, the wow kiddies take it for granted and the farmers leech off of it for money.
I am getting sick of Mario. I wish he would just die. Although I am a fan of mario I think he is great character but they are taking it to the extreme with him. Mario probably have over a hundred games by now. The reason why mario is getting so much attention because he is the masscott of nintendo. If he wasn't the mascott he wouldn't be so popular. I tell you what though. Link is more popular than Mario anyday.
mario 64 was the game that sold the nintendo 64... i doubt nintendo would drop their flagship character... mario is your instant pick up and play... zelda is a game with big stories lines and character progression... which doesnt appeal to some.. (although i like Zelda alot)

... to me they are of equal appeal